Top 7 Beauty Tips

               Top 7 Beauty Tips

(1) Lovely eyes: seek out the good in people for attractive lips speak words of the kindness.

For beautiful hair let a child run his or her fingers through it once a day and slim figure share

your food with the hungry. For poise walk with the knowledge you will never walk alone.

(2)Face Mask For Dry Skin:For a perfect tip is to add few drops of honey in table spoon of 

coconut oil the skin can easily experience harsh effects due to exposure to sun or outside 

pollution. apply this

mixture as a mask to your face and wash it off after few minutes and this gives your skin a 

nice shine throughout the day.

(3) Skin Care: cleanse your face twice a day to remove pore clogging oil dirt and dead skin and 

exfoliate twice a week  to get rid of dead skin. Make sure your hands are clean before washing 

your face and use organic and 100 percent  pure products use 100 percent  parable free 


use a toner to calm the skin and balance pH level.

(4) Glowing Skin Ingredients: A pinch of turmeric powder milk cream ,thick layer formed on

top of milk after cooling. honey, take milk cream a pinch of turmeric powder and add few drops

of honey mix is well till it forms a thick paste apply the paste as a thin layer on your face and 


it dry for 15 minutes. This will result in skin glow.

(5) Gram Flour Face Mask: Gram flour has also shown great results when we used in face 


to get a fair glowing skin and it can be used by making a paste with milk and a pinch of 


for a oily skins you can add rose water instead of the milk.

(6) Reasons For Dryness in Skin: use of harmful beauty products available in market harms 


skin a lot and so make avoid using chemical and other harmful products to the maximum 

possible extent. Stress is a major reason behind making your skin look dull and dry so cut off 

the stress and

carry a happy and glowing face. Excessive sun expose can cause serious damage to the skin and 

leadsto sun tan and dryness in skin.

(7) Milk Honey+Lemon Juice: Honey and lemon juice take equal quantities of milk. Mix all 

the ingredients together and apply it all over. Your face and neck leave it on for 15 to 20 minutes 

and rinse it with cold water and wash the soft cold water your skin so beauty.

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